Jicama Campaign

This will be a cyberpunk campaign using the GURPS system. Like all good cyberpunk, the main themes are “style over substance” and “high tech, low lives.” This campaign will be going for a gritty feel, but aims for more of a cinematic “rule of cool” approach than one slaving to reality. There will also be some supernatural elements in the setting such as emergent psionics and mysterious rituals, but neither is something widespread and omnipresent.

The GURPS System

GURPS is a relatively simple system. If you want to perform an action, you will generally determine what the corresponding skill is to perform that feat, determine what your current ranking is in that particular skill, and roll 3d6 hoping to roll equal to or under your skill ranking modified by whatever difficulty rating the GM determines for the specific circumstances. Sometimes there will be more detailed rules for a specific situation, but those are the basics.

Character Creation

The most complicated aspect of GURPS is probably character creation. This is because it is designed around a point-based system and gives the player a tremendous deal of creative freedom to create exactly what they want. This can also be a negative if you go into character creation without a solid concept or goal.

Characters start with an allotment of 1501) Character Points (CP).

CP are the pool of points you will use to purchase various abilities and advantages for your character. Some disadvantageous qualities will have negative costs and earn you additional CP when you select them. To curtail exploitation, you cannot receive more than 75 CP by these means. You are free to continue selecting more disadvantages beyond that point for flavor/concept purposes, but will not gain any additional CP by doing so.

  1. Determine character concept.
  2. Purchase Basic Attributes.
  3. Calculate and potentially purchase Secondary Characteristics.
  4. Run through Age if playing a sub-adult or elder.
  5. Run through Build if playing a non-standard height, weight, or morph.
  6. Purchase Advantages and Disadvantages relevant to your concept.
  7. Use your Wealth to purchase equipment.

Feel free to look at Example Creation to get a better understanding of the process.

FAQ: What supplements do I need?

Unlike some roleplaying systems, GURPS is a toolkit — not a ready-to-use game. The books often have rules to handle multiple time periods (medieval, modern, futuristic, etc.), multiple genres (fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc.), multiple tones (realistic, cinematic, etc.), and sometimes detail niche subjects that may not benefit from such a high level of detail in all settings. It is up to the GM to pick and choose the elements important to the type of campaign being ran. This wiki is a curated selection of relevant rules to this specific campaign and should be all you need.

If starting prior to age 18, then subtract 25 CP for every 2 years prior to a minimum of 25.
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