See Technology Levels for specific rules information and a description of technology levels.

This setting as a whole is considered TL9 (Biotechnology: Early TL10). The poorer lastworld nations still use some TL8 infrastructure and facilities due to lack of resources. In the more developed nations, TL10 technologies in other fields may be “available” as either experimental prototypes with very limited availability.

Divergent “psi-tech” has also been developed. Though rare, psionic ability has allowed those capable of manipulating matter in ways that cannot be replicated without nanotechnology and seen the development of TL9+1 energy storage and materials technologies. As these can only be created by the psionically-gifted, knowledge alone is not enough to replicate this technology.

Mankind is slowly colonizing the solar system with colonies on Luna, Mars, and in the asteroid belt. Conventional projectile weapons are still the most common, but early and unwieldy energy-based weapons are on the market as well. High-capacity fuel cells have allowed the development of more functional cyberlimbs, exosuits, and robots. Though genetic engineering and biomodification are possible, cybernetics are more easily attainable, more convenient, and more cost-effective. Cortical stack and consciousness upload technology exist but are in their relative infancy. Bioroid technology has been developed largely to assist in exploring and colonizing hostile environments, though there are corporations who have already seen the potential larger market for less utilitarian “sleeves” as cortical stacks become more commonplace.

All characters without Low TL or High TL start at personal TL9. This means they only get defaults for TL9 skills and can only learn skills at or below TL9 normally. A TL9 character can only learn TL10 IQ-based skills with Cutting-Edge Training. They can learn other TL10 skills via gameplay assuming suitable instruction is available.

Gaining familiarity with a TL10 usage of a skill automatically upgrades that skill to TL10, though it can still be used at TL9 without penalty. This means someone with Guns (Pistol)/TL9 who had time and instruction to familiarize themselves with a TL10 pistol would effectively have Guns (Pistol)/TL9–10.

Once a character has points in at least 5 TL10 skills, they may change their personal TL to that level at no cost. Doing so allows usage of TL10 skills at their defaults and unrestricted learning of TL10 skills. The character does not lose the ability to use TL9 skills at their defaults.

Any TL9+1 technology utilizes the normal TL10 skills, though characters who are non-psionic take a -5 penalty to TL9+1 usages of IQ-based skills.

These rules are adapted from Irresponsible and Right: Tech Level Skills by Roger Burton West.

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