There are still many currencies in the world, though the Eurodollar (also known as “eurobucks” or “eddies”) is accepted in most regions and used as a global reserve currency. Equipment tables listed on this site will use the Eurodollar for prices. You can use the ratios on the Starting Wealth table to convert between currencies if needed.

Many businesses can take credsticks in different currencies at POS for transactions up to 5,000€, but charge a 1d6+4% surcharge.

At any reputable bank, characters with an account can convert money from one currency to another. Banks typically have a 1d6÷2% surcharge for such services. If a character does not have an account, they are typically limited to conversions up to 10,000€. If physical cash is required, there will likely be a wait period if possible at all.

In some areas (particularly airports or tourist locations), there are sometimes street machines or currency exchange booths. These typically take a 1d6% surcharge and allow conversions of up to 2,000€ (machine) or 5,000€ (booth).

If using restricted currencies or trying to keep the transactions as off-the-books as possible, money can be converted on the black market, but at an extravagant 4d6+1% surcharge. The limits of the transaction will depend on the situation and what is available.

Many corporations pay their employees (particularly low-level employees) in “corporate scrip.” These are company-specific digital currencies accepted at all affiliated, approved, or sponsored businesses. The company financial office has an allowance to convert up to 5,000€ each month into local national currency for expenses outside approved vendors. This is typically done at a low 1d6÷2% surcharge.

When an employee is dismissed, any remaining corporate credits are cashed out to them but usually at a very poor rate depending on the circumstances of their termination.

Some communities like the North American nomad packs prefer barter to currency-based exchanges. These can be trades of services and favors rather than being limited to goods. That's not to say currency won't be accepted (these communities do sometimes need to interact with outsiders), but they are not the typical means of transaction.

Players start with 30,000€ (or their regional equivalent) in wealth. For any settled characters, only the greater of 6,000€ and 20% starting wealth should be spent on “adventuring gear” with the remainder (if any) dedicated to housing, transportation, clothing, and other goods that would have logically accrued over the character's lifespan.

Characters should also not be allowed to “bank-roll” another character. If a Wealthy character gives money to a Poor character, that money effectively becomes part of that character's starting wealth and negates the disadvantage. Depending on the setting and adventure, it might make sense for one character to employ another character, but the GM must be careful to make sure any wealth disadvantages are meaningful — perhaps characters will comment on them being lackeys or “the help” and treat them as such.

Currency Starting Wealth
Eurodollar 30,000€
Argentine Austral 128,000 ₳
Australian Dollar $75,000
Bolivian Boliviano $b300,000
Brazilian Cruzeiro ₢ 150,000
British Pound £54,000
Burmese Kyat K150,000
Burmese Kyat (Offshore) K2,260,000
Canadian Dollar $90,000
Caribbean Doblón D/.600,000
Chinese Yuan ¥120,000
Chinese Yuan (Offshore) ¥210,000
Indian Rupee ₹75,000
Irish Punt £42,000
Japanese Nuyen ¥6,000,000
Korean Won ₩15,000,000
Malaysian Ringit RM1,500,000
Mexican Peso ₱15,000,000
Nigerian Naira ₦600,000
Polish Złoty 600,000zł
Québécois Franc 60,000 ₣
Russian Federation Ruble 90,000₽
Swiss Francs 15,000 ₣
Thai Baht ฿909,000
United States Dollar $120,000

There are advantages and disadvantages characters can take to change their starting wealth.

Name Type Cost Summary Source
Dead BrokeNormal
-25 CPYou have no Starting Wealth. You are either unable to work or there are no jobs that will hire you. Suitable for a child or severely disabled person, for instance.B25
-15 CPYou have one fifth the starting Starting Wealth. Some jobs are not available to you and none pay very well. Suitable for a high school student, for instance.B25
-10 CPYou have one half the starting Starting Wealth. Any job could be available to you, but you don't earn much. Suitable for a university student, for instance.B25
10 CPYou have two times the starting Starting Wealth. You work for a living, but have a better lifestyle than most.B25
20 CPYou have five times the starting Starting Wealth. Provides a free level of High Status.B25
Very WealthyNormal
30 CPYou have twenty times the starting Starting Wealth. Provides a free level of High Status.B25
Filthy RichNormal
50 CPYou have one hundred times the starting Starting Wealth. Provides a free level of High Status.B25
25 CP / LvlYour starting Starting Wealth is increased by a factor of ten per level. Provides a free level of High Status / Level.
Purchase Limit: 2
Requires: Filthy Rich

Characters can also remove a flat 1 CP to gain 3,000€ starting wealth. These CP are simply gone — the character is worth less points than their comrades in exchange for being better-equipped. This money can be used for any purpose and does not need to follow to 80–20 guidelines for starting wealth. If a large amount of money is required, it is more effective to simply buy a higher wealth level.

Characters can earn wealth through having a job, Independent Income, or other less reputable means. If a character no longer lives a lifestyle appropriate to their wealth level, they should be required to buy off their wealth-related disadvantages as appropriate.

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