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Name Type Requires Setting Cost Summary Source
Athletic ChampionCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Select 2: climb, diplomacy, perception, swim.
Gain: +1 trait bonus to selected skill checks.1)
Gain: +2 trait bonus on checks to navigate through a crowd or resist being moved against your will.
Child of OpparaCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Gain: +1 trait bonus to appraise and Knowledge (Nobility) checks.2)
Assets: noble's outfit, signet ring, one mundane item worth no more than 200gp.
Disgraced NobleCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Gain: +2 trait bonus to bluff checks to conceal your identity and linguistics checks to spot or produce forgeries.3)
1/day: Choose humanoid nemesis. Gain +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls against that nemesis. This bonus increases to +2 at 10th level.
Rising StarCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Select 1: craft (Any), perform (Any).
Gain: +1 trait bonus to sense-motive, survival, and selected skill checks.4)
Assets: masterwork musical instrument or tool appropriate to selected skill.
1/day: Invoke patron's reputation. Gain +2 circumstance bonus on a single bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate check.
Senatorial HopefulCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Gain: +1 trait bonus to diplomacy and Knowledge (Local) checks.5)
1/week: Call on connections. Request an item worth up to 25gp per level. The potential value is doubled at 10th level and may include spellcasting services. Requests are fulfilled in 1d4 days.
Taldan PatriotCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Gain: +1 trait bonus to sense-motive and Knowledge (History) checks.6)
1/day: Recall noble trivia. Counts a successful discovery check against a Taldan noble.
Young ReformerCampaignWar for the CrownGolarion2Gain: +1 trait bonus to disable-device and Knowledge (Local) checks.7)
1/day: Cal upon “arrangements”8) made by fellow conspirators. Make a Knowledge (Local) check in place of disable-device, intimidate, or sleight-of-hand.
1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7)
These are always class skills.
Arrangements must be reasonable to have been achieved beforehand.
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